Traveling shouldn't be stressful.
We outfit travelers with the essentials to make their trip go more smoothly. Don't spend your limited vacation time looking for free WiFi hotspots, getting lost, reading paper maps, getting confused about public transportation or searching for other tourists to ask questions.

Let us help you.
A member of our team will meet you at the airport with your Welcome Kit and go over some tips to make your visit more enjoyable.
We meet you at the airport...

To start your trip off right, a team member will meet you at the airport with your Welcome Kit. We'll help you get orientated and answer any questions you might have.   Already here? We'll meet up with you!

You enjoy the city.

Go out and explore with some help from our guides.
If you don't have an unlocked phone to access Google Maps and look up restaurants, you can rent one of ours for as little as $10 a day!

You return the kit...
or keep it!

If you rented a Welcome Crew phone, simply return it to us at the airport and we'll bill you for the days you had it. Want to keep everything for your next trip? No problem, we'll keep your deposit for the phone kit.

Welcome Kits

Our goal is to make sure you have everything you need to enjoy your trip.
Foreign SIM cards only work on unlocked phones. Don't have an unlocked phone or need to stay reachable on your current number? Rent one of our Welcome Crew phones with self-guided walking tours and nearly 2,000 local businesses, restaurants, hotels, and emergency contacts to make searching easier.

How easy? Let's say you want to get a tattoo while you're in town. Simply search the default list of contacts and get results like this!

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